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V. Tee

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Words couldn't quite capture how we crushed on Vanity.

Candidly speaking she was gorgeous. Her sultry eyes; her mysterious persona; that funky style; the mere fact she kept up with Prince. Phew - we were captivated by it all.

It was rare to have that type of raw sex appeal be coupled with undeniable talent.

In fact, we remember seeing her in the Last Dragon. Bit our fist every time she appeared in a scene. She was dope.

This design pays homage to Vanity's legacy. A true #WCW then. And STILL now.

Features NEW Barcode logo design and reinforced double-stitched collar construction. Available in lightweight 5.0 oz cotton tee. 

Due to extremely high demand and complex production process item ships in 7-21 days. Shipping timeframe does not include holidays and/or weekends.

Items move very quickly at ServedFresh™. Similar to your favorite bakery, 
pieces are here today and at times - gone tomorrow.  We recommend selections are made quickly as we generally do not stock garments and only restock based on demand.

In the event the size or style you are interested is not available, we recommend you email us at info@servedfreshcollection.com.

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