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Still Die Tee

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In lieu of recent events regarding excessive police force and police brutality, this typographic design makes a powerful statement to our appointed officials.

The message is simple - in America people of color have ZERO chance of receiving equal justice an experience and increasingly limited chance for survival (or fairness) when encountering a law enforcement officer.

Please take a moment to sign the petition (by clicking below) aimed at creating a Federal Law Enforcement Agency that supervises the behavior of ALL law enforcement agencies.

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Features NEW Barcode logo, reinforced double-stitched collar construction, and suede-style front design. Available in lightweight 5 oz. 100% cotton t-shirt.

Ships in 7-21 days due to high demand. Timeframe does not include holidays or weekends when post offices are closed.

Items move very quickly at ServedFresh™. Similar to your favorite bakery, 
pieces are here today and at times - gone tomorrow.  We recommend selections are made quickly as we generally do not stock garments and only restock based on demand.

In the event the size or style you are interested is not available, we recommend you email us at

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