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Our Mermaid Crewneck

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Awestruck from the historic Gold Medal performance by swimmer - Simone Manuel at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, the artists at ServedFresh™ sought to create something special. 

We designed our FIRST children's piece aimed at encouraging young women of color that they too can achieve greatness in the wake of adversity.

The significance of her victory resonates profoundly with us as swimming pools have been a racially sensitive flashpoint in the US for generations. Historically, African-Americans were often denied access to swimming pools during the segregation era AND long thereafter. In fact, we remember quite vividly how an entire pool was drained after Actress, Dorothy Dandridge defiantly dipped her toe in during the HBO Documentary "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge"

With artwork inspired by the Little Mermaid, our nieces, sisters, cousins and daughters can now showcase their pride and affection for Simone in this limited time only piece.

Features Metallic inks, NEW Barcode logo design, reinforced double-stitched collar construction and embroidered details throughout. Available in heavyweight 9.5 oz cotton crewneck.

Ships in 7-21 days due to complex production process. Timeframe does not include holidays and weekends when post offices are closed.

Items move very quickly at ServedFresh™. Similar to your favorite bakery, 
pieces are here today and at times - gone tomorrow.  We recommend selections are made quickly as we generally do not stock garments and only restock based on demand.

In the event the size or style you are interested is not available, we recommend you email us at info@servedfreshcollection.com.

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