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Apology Snapback Hat

$ 45.00


For far too long the black community has blindly supported high-end brands. Most of the success of these brands is heavily reliant on the black dollar to survive.

In spite of this fact they have continually made the conscious decision to create pieces that are offensive and degrading to US as a community.

#Gucci and #Prada’s latest releases - featuring black-face inspired  products - are just a few examples of this blatant disrespect.

As a collective, we have the power to make ANY DESIGNER or ANY BRAND pop. Let’s STOP spending our dollars supporting racist brands and put them back into black owned business.

No longer do we need to wear designer labels as a sign that we have “arrived”.   Instead we should be investing in our communities and in our children’s futures.

WHETHER OR NOT YOU SUPPORT SERVEDFRESH™, stand tall and send a clear message that as a community we do not accept apologies for irresponsible and insensitive messaging regardless of the format.

One size fits all.

Features 3D stitch lettering and embroidered details throughout.

Item ships in 7-14 business days. Timeframe does not include holidays or weekends when post offices are closed.


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